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UXL Solutions is a professional services enterprise with 30 years of experience providing leadership, program management, and mission support to customers spanning the Intelligence Community, Department of Defense (DoD), Department of Justice (DoJ), Department of State (DoS), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and the Department of Energy (DoE). Additionally, UXL services the Law Enforcement, state government, local municipality and private sector clients. We integrate a diverse array of competencies and subject matter expertise to enable our customer’s and partner’s most critical missions.

UXL possesses extensive expertise in successfully building corporate and bid strategies aligned to corporate growth objectives. From opportunity identification through contract transition and sustainment, UXL possesses the expertise to ensure mission success. 


UXL has a proven history of implementing innovative solutions reducing program expenditures through operational efficiencies to maximize ROI and margins. We establish financial metrics, key performance indicators and budgets all strategically aligned to your corporate vision, mission and strategy to ensure seamless prioritization throughout the enterprise and success. 

Intelligence Support Services

UXL provides full spectrum intelligence services to the DoD and the Intelligence Community spanning all aspects of mission support. Our global operations include SIGINT, HUMINT, GEOINT, ALLSOURCE, OSINT, MASINT, DOCEX, DOMEX and Counterintelligence capabilities. 


Language & Cultural Advisory Services

UXL Solutions brings clarity to communications, strengthens understanding and enhances decision-making by providing superior language support services when and where needed. We overcome all barriers, bring insights and expand the world of possibilities by providing precise, timely and relevant information through all mediums, resulting in strengthened solutions and certainty for your mission.

Operations and Logistics

We customize resilient solutions with global scale and reach with a localized approach. We leverage our international network of vendors and subject matter expertise to support global facilities operations, asset management, acquisition and procurement. UXL integrates our deployment and partner capabilities to implement distribution strategies ensuring the secure movement and flow of materials, information, and people.


Learning and Readiness

UXL facilitates the achievement of your mission objectives by developing and leading a variety of specialized training and readiness exercises. Our readiness programs prepare teams for complex real-world situations and challenges, ensuring you are prepared for what comes next.

Staff Augmentation

Our staffing solutions and expansive network of highly qualified talent ensure your success. Whether it is rapidly evolving objectives or emerging requirements, our dedicated professionals bring a mission first approach while seamlessly integrating with your team.

Staff Augmentation

Opportunity Capture & Business Support Services

We collaborate with industry partners to drive new business growth and develop strategies to enhance program execution while driving ROI maximization. Our team can lead or assist your organization’s pipeline development, opportunity qualification, capture management, marketing campaigns, solution engineering, proposal writing and price to win development.  

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